Thrive Telehealth COVID-19

As COVID-19 accelerates, nursing home visiting restrictions have increased pressures on providers, health systems, and operators to treat virtually 24/7/365.  While the coronavirus is a physical health illness, it has significant mental health implications. The uncertainty posed by a public health emergency can cause stress and anxiety among many individuals.

Hospitals and SNF operators have a significant interest in keeping seniors out of ERs.  The increased anxiety has escalated the need for mental health services.  In response, Thrive Behavioral Sciences implemented COVID-19 emergency measures that includes extension of telehealth services.

The use of telehealth can be a vital tool to remotely examine, screen and assess persons for COVID-19. Florida law authorizes licensed health care practitioners to practice telehealth if such methods are used in a manner that is consistent with their profession’s acceptable practices and standard of care.

Thrive Telehealth Services

Thrive Telehealth services have been successfully deployed and implemented to support hospitals, surgical specialist, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities (SNF/ALF).

Our Telehealth services help extend and collaborate with the essential care team, allowing us to maintain or stabilize patient progress, improve communication and care coordination, all contributing to better outcomes.

Service requirements include:   

  • Telehealth services activated within 72 hours.

  • Encounter notes digitally upload into PointClickCare.

  • Electronic Prescriptions (eRx).

  • Requires Facility designated staff member.

  • Onsite telehealth equipment – no charge.

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Thrive Telehealth is supported by a large network of mental health care specialists that conduct diagnostics interviews, medication management, assessments and psychiatric evaluations.  Thrive’s rapid scheduling gets you into a mental health specialist eliminating long wait periods.


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Thrive Behavioral Sciences delivers care transitions that maintain progress, improved communication and care coordination, all contributing to better outcomes. 

  • Identify patient strengths, motivations and support deficits to improve outcomes.

  • Certified evaluations and assessments using proven treatment protocols.

  • Clear, consistent, timely and digitally transmitted patient encounter documentation.